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Bryant G. Tow

Bryant G. Tow

For over 25 years Bryant has held responsibilities as an entrepreneur and senior executive in all aspects of risk management including thought leadership in the area of cyber security, award winning development of security solutions, managing large global cyber and physical security teams. Bryant has held Partner positions in large consulting firms and been involved in several startups. Recently he was the Chief Security Officer for CSC‘s Financial Services Group securing 143 applications in 52 countries. Currently Bryant is the Managing Partner and founder of CyberRisk Solutions. In that capacity he assists clients at the executive level acting as CSO to help manage risk in the areas of people, process, technology and facilities in the financial services, healthcare, energy, retail and other verticals. Bryant has served in several leadership positions in the security industry including the Department of Homeland Security Sector Coordinating Council, ISSA, ISACA and InfraGard National Members Alliance board member and vice president. He is recognized as a Distinguished Fellow by the Ponemon Institute, the industry’s leading research organization. Bryant has published several books and articles on cyber security topics and has received several awards including "Governor's Office of Homeland Security Award for Exceptional Contribution in Recognition of Outstanding Support of Tennessee's Counter Terrorism Program.
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