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Dr. Peter Stephenson

Dr. Peter Stephenson

Dr. Peter Stephenson retired from active consulting and teaching after a 55-year career and now spends his time in writing and research. His research, largely, is in cyber-legal practice and next generation cyber threat/intelligence analysis on large-scale computer networks such as the Internet. Dr. Stephenson was technology editor for several years for SC Magazine, which he wrote for over 25 years. He is enabled in his research by an extensive personal research laboratory as well as a multi-alias presence in the Dark Web. He has lectured extensively on digital investigation and security, and has written, edited or contributed to over 20 books as well as several hundred articles and peer-reviewed papers in major national and international trade, technical and scientific publications. He spent ten years as a professor at Norwich University teaching digital forensics, cyber law and information security. He retired from the university as an Associate Professor in 2015. Dr. Stephenson obtained his PhD at Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, England where his research was in the structured investigation of digital incidents in complex computing environments. He holds a Master of Arts degree in diplomacy with a concentration in terrorism from Norwich University in Vermont. Dr. Stephenson is a full member, ex officio board member and CISO of the Vidocq Society (http://www.vidocq.org). He is a member of the Albany, NY chapter of InfraGard. He held - but has retired from - the CCFP, CISM, FICAF and FAAFS designations as well as holding the CISSP (ret) designation.
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