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By Cam Sivesind
Wed | Nov 9, 2022 | 2:57 PM PST

Kathleen Moriarty's opening line for her presentations at two upcoming SecureWorld virtual conferences tee up nicely the deep insights she will provide:

Kathleen_Moriarty"The topic of transforming information security is a big one, but we are at a unique period of time for security," said Moriarty, Chief Technology Officer at the Center for Internet Security, based in East Greenbush, New York. "We have so much change happening and we can drive it to happen in a more positive way to reduce the resource needs for organizations and actually scale security for businesses of all sizes."

Here are a few other snippets from her presentation, but you'll have to register and join to hear her full insightful talk and take in the rest of both days' great speaker lineup.

  • "We are facing threats that include Zero-Day exploits and Day-One exploits crafted to your organization or to a broader pool that narrows down on more interesting targets. At the same time, we also have changes at every layer of the protocol stack and this is driven by an increased push for encryption—not just encryption, strong encryption."
  • "We're responsible for the CIS benchmarks and the CIS controls. These are consensus driven by teams of experts to help you first with the CIS benchmarks, configure systems securely to a set of agreed upon standards that have the biggest impact for a particular set of products. This is pretty powerful because now we all know how to secure systems and it's been validated by a third party that's a nonprofit and trusted. On top of that, there are a number of cases where you can actually buy your system already configured to a set of the benchmarks at a level that you choose for that particular benchmark. This is powerful and reduces the work that's needed for a particular organization."

  • "So I'm curious to know how many of you have begun to explore Zero Trust and which areas of Zero Trust are you going after first? And have you thought about verification? Can you do more in that space? Or is that just too much of a reach? If you are inspired by any of this and want to learn more about architectural patterns at scale, so you could start to develop some of your own and think how can we transform information security, my book (Transforming Information Security: Optimizing Five Concurrent Trends to Reduce Resource Drain) may help with that in terms of inspiring your thinking and getting you to innovate in ways that better scale so that we can reduce the resource burden that we've placed on organizations."

Don't miss Kathleen Moriarty's complete presentation, "Transforming Information Security for Businesses of All Sizes," as well as those of other cybersecurity leaders, at our upcoming digital events. Attendance is free and can earn 5 CPE credits. See more and register at the links below: 

Texas virtual conference on Thursday, Nov. 17

West Coast virtual conference on Thursday, Dec. 8