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By Clare O’Gara
Thu | Jun 11, 2020 | 6:15 AM PDT

I don't know about you, but COVID-19 has certainly reinvigorated my online shopping addiction.

And according to recent research, this pandemic has had a similar effect on cybercriminals against online retailers.

Survey: 41% of online retailers experiencing a cybercrime increase

From remote work to contactless delivery, the coronavirus is reshaping our relationship with computers and online interaction, bringing it to the forefront of our physical lives.

And as a world of consumers, this shift naturally applies to retail as well.

New research from Red Points, titled "The Day After COVID-19,"surveyed 150 U.S. brands for a deep dive into COVID-19's impact on ecommerce.

Some of the statistics seem obvious:

•  58% of respondents have seen an increase in online revenue
•  72% are pushing sales promotions and incentives to protect online revenue

As with watchers of "Tiger King," people investing in at-home gyms, and millennials with sourdough starters, the number of online retail sales exploded alongside the coronavirus.

But the research also reveals how hackers are benefiting from this uptick:

"41% have seen an increase in cybercrime and 68% said fighting cybercrime is very important to their business."

And among the businesses who reported a decrease in sales amid COVID-19, 46% cited cybercrime delays as a reason for the decline.

The data also demonstrated a shocking increase in the detection of counterfeit goods in major markets. First, the report broke down the numbers by region:

•  58% in the U.S.
•  63% in Spain
•  40% in China

Next, it tackled the individual industries experiencing the most counterfeit detection:

•  123% in toys/children's products
•  74% in sporting goods
•  43% in accessories

And, as it seems, these markets are aware of the problem. Not only did 68% percent of responses emphasize the importance of cybersecurity, the large majority also share similar beliefs about secure ecommerce:

•  78% believe cybercrime damages their reputation
•  71% believe counterfeiters are stealing sales
•  64% believe market share is reduced because of unlawful players 

Awareness of the problems may be the first step to fixing them.