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By Cam Sivesind
Fri | Apr 28, 2023 | 11:23 AM PDT

One of the notable sessions at the SecureWorld Philadelphia conference, April 19-20, was a podcast recording featuring three prominent Philadelphia area cybersecurity experts, in a session titled, "CISOs Riff on the Latest in Cybersecurity."

BarCode podcast host Chris Glanden moderated the session, and the podcast recording was released today. Find the recording on the BarCode website, on Apple Podcasts, or on YouTube.

Featured guests are Krista Arndt, CISO, United Musculoskeletal Partners; David Lingenfelter, VP of Information Security, Penn Entertainment; and Bistra Lutz, Director of Global Information Security Operations, Crown Holdings.

Glanden is a specialized security systems consultant focused on risk management for breakthroughs and vulnerabilities, a senior security architect for Sayers, and the founder of BarCode Security.

The 40-minute episode is packed with insights on the latest and greatest in cybersecurity. Glanden serves up the specialty cocktail of the day, the "CISO." And it's kind of fun to hear the live audience in the background.

An example of a topic covered is ransomware, to which Lingenfelter said: "Ransomware is just one of those things that's not going away. The bad guys keep finding new ways to take advantage of it and use it. I mean, ransomware-as-a-service, we all have heard of that one by now. You basically go out and you rent your ransomware attacker and you rent the tools to get it done and to get it infiltrated into people's networks."

Give it a listen.