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By Clare O’Gara
Mon | Sep 30, 2019 | 3:30 AM PDT

Are you a victim of ransomware?

The No More Ransom Project might have your remedy.

No More Ransom is a public-private partnership built on cooperation between more than 150 partners in a unified fight against ransomware.

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And now, if you've managed to contract one of these four ransomware strains, you can retrieve your files for free with No More Ransom's latest decryption tools:

  • FortuneCrypt ransomware
  • Yatron ransomware
  • WannaCryFake ransomware
  • Avest ransomware

ZDNet covered more on the contributors of these free decryption keys:

"Now more free decryption tools have been added to the No More Ransom arsenal, as Kaspersky Lab has provided tools for decrypting Yatron and FortuneCrypt, while Emsisoft has released a free decryptor for WannaCryFake.

The authors of Yatron based it on Hidden Tear, a well-known form of open-source ransomware, and it encrypts victims' files with the extension .Yatron. However, researchers at Kaspersky identified mistakes in the crytopgtaphy of Yatron, allowing them to create the decryptor."