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By Bruce Sussman
Thu | Feb 27, 2020 | 6:30 AM PST

It's one of my favorite things to do at the RSA cybersecurity conference each year in San Francisco.

I go on a hunt to find out how many ways security vendors can possibly sponsor the event.

And at RSAC 2020, you might say things have gone to the dogs!

RSA Conference: even therapy dogs are sponsored

I was walking into the main level of the conference on Wednesday when I spotted people smiling, laughing, and talking to the Veracode sponsored therapy dogs. 

IMG_6243Worried about a cyber incident? Concerned about the coronavirus? Just pet the dogs, you'll be okay.


Of course, a ride in the sun might help your stress levels, too. How about a ride in a SecureAuth sponsored pedicab? Yes, it is authentic.


And while you're on the streets, keep an eye out for other rolling sponsorships. In between sessions, the KnowBe4 security awareness truck cruised by with this message, "Find out how you can secure your last line of defense: USERS." 


And this digital box truck is driving around lit up with a message from Deep Instinct about its use of deep learning:


SUVs and sports cars at RSA Conference

And if you're looking for branded wheels, you can find it on the RSA conference show floor.

I actually tried to win this green Thycotic Jeep, which they are giving away. However, instead of being a drawing finalist, I won a copy of "Service Account Security for Dummies." 

Now I have something to read on my flight back to SecureWorld global headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

I'm going to know a lot more about service account security when I get there—but I had dreams of driving there in my new Jeep instead. Maybe next year.

One car that grabbed a lot of attention on the show floor is not a giveaway. Even RSA has its limits, apparently.

Take as many pictures as you'd like of the Sentinel One Aston Martin, but this baby is staying put. 

IMG_6271I didn't ask about the price tag on this model, but a quick Google search has 2020 Aston Martins listing from $152,000 to $304,000. 

Other sponsorships at the RSA conference

Now, let's hit the ground walking. You might find carpet in front of you covered with sponsor logos:


The stairs are Akamai branded, of course:

And in case you miss those logos, look up on the railing above:

And that is all for this sponsorship tour. After a day of sessions and sponsors, I'm worn out.

I think I'll hop on the ExtraHop shuttle bus and head back to the hotel. (Not pictured, but it is rolling every 15 minutes.)