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By SecureWorld News Team
April 2, 2020 • 11:55 AM

As offices across the globe transition their operations online, cybersecurity experts at SecureWorld are convening the community to address, head on, the cyber threats resulting from COVID-19 through their new series: SecureWorld Remote Sessions.

SecureWorld, one of the top producers of conferences on global IT security issues for the past 19 years, was forced to postpone multiple events that cybersecurity experts across North America rely on to discuss current cyber threats, develop solutions, and participate in information sharing. And with so many employees now confined to their homes and working remotely due to COVID-19, cybersecurity threats have never been so high for individuals and businesses.

"The threat lies primarily with the concept of the home office. Just because you have Wi-Fi at your home doesn't mean your internet connection is coming from a safe router. The defenses we usually think about when it comes to cybersecurity are weakened or nonexistent for companies relying on employees' home networks," said Bruce Sussman, Director of Media and Content at SecureWorld. "We want to be sure we're providing people with the information they need to keep themselves and their data safe online."

To do this, SecureWorld has launched a daily digital series to help people navigate the latest challenges that come with shifting the vast majority of our interactions online. These webcast sessions connect subject matter experts on relevant cybersecurity topics—such as remote workforce security, incident response, and new threat vectors—with security professionals hungry to learn.

"COVID-19 has not only created a void in the cybersecurity industry by taking away opportunities to meet and discuss the issues we're facing; it has increased the need for these conversations to take place. These conversations are more critical than ever before," said Brad Graver, Vice President at SecureWorld. "Our goal is to inform, discuss, and share solutions to these challenges with the community of dedicated practitioners and cybersecurity defenders."

See the full lineup of topics and broadcasts on the Remote Sessions page: