The gap between organizations that prioritize security and those that have little or no security strategy is growing. General awareness is still too low to keep ahead of social engineering attempts. Businesses are facing increasing complexity in their hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure and applications. Digitalization has accelerated the opportunities, but that's resulted in a need for more agility, higher feature velocity, and faster deployment of applications leveraging new development paradigms. These new territories comes with new risks and considerably increase the attack surface.

Are cyberattacks getting more sophisticated? Are threat actors getting better organized? What threat actors are we facing and what are their objectives? What tactics, tools, and techniques do they leverage? This presentation aims to answer some of these fundamental questions by walking through the most recent attacks.

Eligible to receive 1 CPE credit.

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Pascal Geenens
Director, Threat Intelligence, Radware

Pascal Geenens is the Director, Threat Intelligence for Radware, and helps execute the company's thought leadership on today’s security threat landscape. Pascal brings over two decades of experience in many aspects of Information Technology. As part of the Radware Security Research team Pascal develops and maintains the IoT honeypots and actively researches IoT malware. Pascal discovered and reported on BrickerBot, performed extensive research on Hajime and closely follows new developments of threats in the IoT space and the applications of AI in cyber security and hacking.

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Tom Bechtold
Digital Event Director, SecureWorld