Phishing is one of InfoSec's longstanding threats. But for cybercriminals, email is just one entry point of many. How can you better prepare you and other end users in your organization for cybersecurity threats beyond email-based social engineering?

During this session, we will share results from the Proofpoint’s Beyond the Phish® Report, which examines end-user understanding of a broad range of cybersecurity topics and best practices. The report features analysis of data related to nearly 130 million cybersecurity questions and offers insights into employee knowledge levels across 14 categories, 16 industries, and more than 20 commonly used department classifications.

We will cover:

•  The importance of assessing and training end users about cybersecurity threats beyond email-based social engineering

•  The strengths and weaknesses among end users across 14 cybersecurity topics, highlighting how end-user knowledge levels vary across industries which provides a benchmark to compare readiness within your organization

•  A more holistic view of susceptibility by looking beyond knowledge assessments and training activities to discover how this data can differ from simulated phishing attacks

•  How you can use this information to reduce the risk of successful cyberattacks within your organization

In addition, we will be giving an overview of the free resources that we have available for security professionals to use with their end-users during Security Awareness Month in October.

Join our experts as we dive into the report and share best practices and pitfalls in the pursuit of a stronger security culture.

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Dale Zabriskie
Security Awareness Evangelist, Proofpoint Security Awareness Training

As an evangelist for Proofpoint Security Awareness and Training products group, Dale consults with companies across the globe, advising on the implementation of effective security awareness strategies to change end-user behavior and reduce organizational risk. Known for his ability to relate both technically and conceptually in an authoritative yet entertaining style, Dale is a popular speaker and panelist, having made presentations on security awareness in over 50 countries. As a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) who is also certified in Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK), he has acted as a consultant to organizations such as Walmart, Disney, Allstate, FedEx, the States of Michigan and Florida, Adventist Health, Baylor University, BP, the U.S. Navy, and Saudi Aramco. His expertise is supported by over 25 years in cybersecurity, information technology, research and development, and regulatory compliance with companies like IBM, Symantec, SunGard, Fisher Scientific, and Veritas.

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Gretel Egan
Security Awareness & Training Strategist, Proofpoint Security Awareness Training

Gretel Egan is the Security Awareness & Training Strategist for Proofpoint Security Awareness Training—the leading provider of information security awareness and training software helping organizations educate employees. She has extensive experience in researching and developing cybersecurity education content, and was named one of “10 Security Bloggers to Follow” by IDG Enterprise.

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Tom Bechtold
Director of Web Content, SecureWorld
Tom works with the vendor and practitioner communities to provide quality educational content for information security professionals. This includes forming a National Advisory Board of CISOs and Directors of Security from across North America, developing the SecureWorld web conference and digital marketing programs, and working with nationally-recognized industry thought leaders.