In reaction to the increasing potential of threat actors unaffected by the current state of cybersecurity measures and vulnerability management tools yielding "rarely actioned reports and long lists of generic remediations" as the attack surface continues to expand, Gartner has suggested a new program: Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM).

CTEM is designed to help end-users ascertain how accessible, exposed, and exploitable their digital assets are to cyber threat actors so as to ensure proactive and preventative risk management.

Join Zaira Pirzada, Hive Pro's VP of Product Marketing and former Gartner Analyst, for a discussion dedicated to clarifying CTEM to better understand:

•  The state of the current threat landscape

•  The SOC pain points

•  What Continuous Threat Exposure Management is and best practices to implement it

 Attendees are eligible to receive 1 CPE credit.

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Zaira Pirzada
VP of Product Marketing, Hive Pro
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Tom Bechtold
Digital Events Director, SecureWorld
Tom has been part of the SecureWorld team for over 14 years. He has launched several of the regional conferences we hold today. Tom is currently responsible for SecureWorld Digital, which provides educational content to the SecureWorld audience. He produces, executes, and moderates the majority of the Remote Sessions webcasts while also working closely with the SecureWorld event directors to build relevant agendas at the regional conferences.