With the growth of IoT connected devices, cybersecurity risks are not isolated to the IT department or your mobile device. The cyber world is colliding with the physical processes of manufacturers, energy companies, oil and gas producers, and even public transportation. This connectivity with these cool technologies has created new possibilities for our homes, cars, and businesses. 

It's clear we are experiencing a new era of technology: Cy-Phy, or Cyber-Physical. Cy-Phy is being driven by the implementation, and convergence, of technologies—including OT, IoT, 5G, edge computing, and artificial intelligence. These, combined with new technologies just over the horizon, are fundamentally changing how we interact with our surroundings.

Operations teams, engineering, and security professionals will inevitably be drawn into the Cy-Phy revolution, whether prepared or not. This revolution can either become the next wave that overwhelms our already at-the-limit teams, or it can become an enabler of business because we have already implemented the foundational elements of a security strategy that will allow us to thrive in the emerging Cy-Phy environment—including speed, integration, collaboration, and automation.

Join a fireside chat between Fortinet's Global CISO, Phil Quade, and SecureWorld's Emmy award-winning journalist, Bruce Sussman, as they discuss the implications of the Cy-Phy revolution on your security strategy. They will explore its impact on IT/OT convergence—blending legacy and modern technology—and Zero-Trust network access supported by AI-based threat prevention and detection.

Be prepared for a future that seems to exceed our imaginations by ensuring your approach to securing the enterprise is sound and foundational solutions are firmly in place.

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Philip Quade
Chief Information Security Officer, Fortinet, Inc.

Phil brings more than three decades of cyber, security and networking experience working across foreign, government, commercial and critical infrastructure sectors at the National Security Agency (NSA).  As Fortinet’s CISO, Phil serves as a strategic consultant to Fortinet’s C-Level customers and partners, has responsibility for Fortinet’s enterprise and product security, and leads strategy and expansion of Fortinet’s Federal and Critical Infrastructure business. Prior to Fortinet, Phil was the NSA Director’s Special Assistant for Cyber and Chief of the NSA Cyber Task Force, with responsibilities that included foreign intelligence, Defense Department security, the White House relationship and critical infrastructure engagement.  Previously, Phil served as the Chief Operating Officer of the Information Assurance Directorate at the NSA, managing day-to-day operations, strategy, and relationships in cybersecurity for classified systems. He held a variety of roles earlier in his tenure at the NSA, including as the head of the Information Operations Technology Center’s Advanced Technology Group, as a professional staffer to the U.S. Senate, at the Office of the Director for National Intelligence, and as cryptanalyst, developer, evaluator and computer scientist.

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Bruce Sussman
Director of Media & Content, Podcast Host, SecureWorld

Emmy-winning journalist Bruce Sussman spent more than 20 years on TV screens in Portland, Oregon. During his "second career," he became fascinated by cybersecurity while working with CISOs at Gartner. He joined SecureWorld in 2017 to help grow its media division. Currently, he hosts the Remote Sessions daily web conference series and SecureWorld podcast published each Tuesday, and oversees news content for secureworldexpo.com. Sussman graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism back in the dark ages. Message him on LinkedIn if you'd like to connect!