Using DevOps principles, we can solve for specific security and compliance problems within software development. This panel will take a look at the various pieces required inside and outside of your Software Development Pipeline (CI/CD) in order to solve specifically for security concerns, resulting in a true DevSecOps environment. We will discuss how advancements in automation lead to increased visibility for security, including establishing chain-of-custody and positive control over systems, applications, and environments.

You will learn:

•  Why continuous automation is better than frequent scanning for development pipelines 

•  How Security's role in the development lifecycle changes with DevSecOps, and what that means for security teams' day to day operations

•  How automation ensures security and compliance by eliminating the human error factor of manual processes

•  How secured automation and access control policies can establish a chain-of-custody and integrity of our environments, allowing for a single source of truth

•  How a digital transformation to become a "coded enterprise" has helped organizations increase operational efficiency while also reducing risk

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Galen Emery
Lead Compliance and Security Architect, Chef Software

Galen Emery is a CISSP Certified Security Professional focusing on Audit, System Hardening and Security’s role in DevSecOps pipelines and teams. He has extensive background in building hardened systems and implementing efficient & secure development methodologies to ensure delivery of a continuous and evolving security posture. At Chef, Galen works as the Lead Compliance and Security Architect helping organisations across the globe achieve secure and compliant infrastructure by design.

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Andre Alves
Cloud Security Architect, Trend Micro

Andre Alves has been helping companies to achieve safer environments for information exchange for over 10 years. Has always enjoyed tinkering with computers and being on the edge of new technologies, even back as a nerdy teenager in Brazil. Andre is a certified AWS Solutions Architect and Hybrid Cloud Security trainer.

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Bruce Sussman
Director of Media & Content, Podcast Host, SecureWorld

Emmy-winning journalist Bruce Sussman spent more than 20 years on TV screens in Portland, Oregon. During his "second career" he became fascinated by cybersecurity while working with CISOs at Gartner. He joined SecureWorld in 2017 to help grow its media division. Currently, he hosts the Remote Sessions daily web conference series and SecureWorld podcast published each Tuesday, and oversees news content for Sussman graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism back in the dark ages. Message him on LinkedIn if you'd like to connect!