Dawn-Marie-HutchinsonIn this episode of The SecureWorld Sessions, we interview Dawn-Marie Hutchinson, CISO of Pharmaceuticals and R&D at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

The interview, conducted at SecureWorld Philadelphia 2019 following Dawn-Marie’s keynote presentation, covers several security topics. How do you define and explain identity-centric security? What does it look like when security enables the business as an organization goes through digital transformation? Where are many organizations failing in data governance? And much more.

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The episode also features the "Trend Micro Top 3," where we unpack three top findings from Trend Micro research into IoT exploit monetization based on what hackers are doing in IoT hacker forums on the cybercrime underground.

Download and read the Trend Micro report here: "Uncovering IoT Threats in the Cybercrime Underground." 

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