Today, IoT solves pressing business problems across many industries. Early adopters of this technology—such as healthcare, smart cities, building management, utilities, transportation, and manufacturing—are attesting to its many benefits. These systems are built for longevity and scale through integration with the cloud. This expanded perimeter can create a large and lasting attack surface. It is therefore critical to ensure that security is embraced within each step of an IoT lifecycle.

In this Remote Session webcast, Blake Wood, Director of Alliances at Thales, and Ellen Boehm, VP of IoT Strategy and Operations at Keyfactor, will walk you through a comprehensive framework for a scalable IoT lifecycle and discuss the importance that Zero Trust, PKI, and signing play in securing this process.

Agenda items include:

• Current State of Data Security Threats

• A Diverse and Growing IT Ecosystem

• IoT Security and Challenges

• IoT Lifecycle

Bring your questions for our presenters!

Attendees are eligible to receive 2 CPE credits.

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Blake Wood
Director of Business Development, Thales Cloud Security

Blake Wood has more than 25 years of experience as an IT and information security generalist across multiple disciplines and vertical industries including 10 years in payment space where he helped to develop and shape the PCI-P2PE certification standard. He also served as VP of Software Development for Pentech Solutions who was an early mover in the IoT space for HVAC and industrial controls. Mr. Wood holds CISSP and CCSP professional certifications and is the author of a patent for a data tokenization method.

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Ellen Boehm
VP of IoT Strategy and Operations, Keyfactor

Dedicated senior leader who drives teams to achieve strategic business goals, great analytical ability. Committed, intuitive, leads by example, coaches and inspires others. Quickly grasps core technical and team organizational issues; independently formulates action plans, holds team accountable.

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Tom Bechtold
Digital Events Director, SecureWorld