Many organizations have heard of or used the Cybersecurity Maturity Model (CMM) to help improve their overall security posture. In many cases, the results provide a broad view that meet a predetermined requirement, i.e. audit, assessment, or gap analysis. This presentation considers the valuable output produced from that process and provides, through live demonstrations, a comprehensive look at what would happen if those vulnerabilities identified previously are compromised at an operational security level.

Learning Objective #1
Operational Cybersecurity Exposure: A method by which to measure the maturity level of the organization’s operational security

Learning Objective #2
Actions Matrix: Will provide an active template to identify actionable components of internal operations that map back to the technology security layers

Learning Objective #3
High Level understanding of mapping vulnerability assessment (NIST) versus penetration testing output to CMM.

speaker photo
Mike Muscatell
Sr. Manager, Information Security, Krispy Kreme

Mike Muscatell is a seasoned IT veteran with more than 21 years in the Information Security field. He is a certified ethical hacker (CEH). Was honored as top 100 professionals in the Information Security field by Strathmore's for 2014. Member of a number of security organizations including InfraGard and US Chamber of Commerce Cyber Committee.