Dougherty_USSSBusiness Email Compromise (BEC) remains rampant, with annual losses in the billions of dollars. Every type of organization is at risk. In this episode, we discuss key things your organization and users should know about this cybercrime, plus the most effective way to respond in hopes of recovering some of the losses. Our two guests are with the United States Secret Service:

•  Stephen Dougherty, Financial Fraud Investigator, Global Investigative Operations Center
•  Michael Johns, Assistant Special Agent in Charge

Thank you to Trend Micro, a global leader in cloud and XDR security, for being our premier podcast partner. Check out their cyber mercenary report (very in-depth) below.

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•  New Trend Micro report, "Void Balaur: Tracking a Cybermercenary's Activities":

•  Stephen Dougherty on LinkedIn:

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