Andy_PurdyCan Huawei be trusted? Should Huawei be allowed to build 5G networks in the U.S. and other parts of the world?

We asked Chief Security Officer Andy Purdy of Huawei USA these very questions during our in-depth interview.

Huawei: can you trust the company?

Purdy has been called a traitor, been the target of angry tweets by U.S. senators, and has often been labeled a "defender of Huawei."

Of course, he is a defender of the company he works for. However, at SecureWorld Seattle he told us that his critics and critics of the Chinese telecom giant have it all wrong.

"One frustrating thing is sometimes people hear that I'm a defender of Huawei and they have a tendency not to listen to what I'm actually saying. I would suggest I'm not a defender of Huawei. People say, well, do you trust China? And do you just trust Huawei? I don't trust anybody," Purdy says.

"I think the approach has to be you don't ask people for trust. We need to have mechanisms in place, and they exist, where you don't need to trust anybody. Because the mechanisms are in place to make sure we have an objective and transparent basis to know that we're going to be okay."

In this episode of The SecureWorld Sessions, we go into further detail with Purdy, who answers questions about trust, verification, cybersecurity, and supply chain security.

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Also in this episode, we share the top three takeaways from Trend Micro research on 5G security risks. 


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