Aaron-AnsariIn this episode, we are speaking with Aaron Ansari, Vice President of Cloud One - Conformity at Trend Micro. What are the remote work security gaps exposed by the COVID-19 shift to the cloud? What are common factors in cloud security misconfigurations? With cybersecurity features built into many cloud platforms, do you need a third-party or external cloud security solution? We explore these questions and more.

Says Ansari:

"Cloud providers have an enormous, robust, complex set of services that are available for organizations and people to build infrastructure and environment in their cloud. It's fantastic; it's very rich; it's very diverse. And it covers all the things that you would want to see covered, from database to computer storage to traffic and network and routing, and all that sort of content.

But what's lacking there is the diverse skill set needed to cover all those services. So when you're building a cloud environment, you might be a developer. And as a developer, you are specifically going through and trying to build an application, but you don't have a real deep understanding of database and you don't have a real deep understanding of computers. And so on and so forth. You're sitting there, building this environment by yourself, and you're just clicking. Yes, I need this. Yes, I need this. Next, next, next, next, next, and boom, you've got an environment. Now, it might be functional for what you're trying to do. But the reality is that you just took a blueprint that you think kind of works and you tried to build your house, and you didn't build your house correctly. It might look like something that it's supposed to on the outside, but on the inside, you put something a little too heavy on one wall and the whole thing comes crumbling down."

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