sandy silkIn this episode, we share part of a SecureWorld presentation by Sandy Silk, Director of Information Security Education & Consulting at Harvard University. In her talk, titled "Hey, InfoSec: Be Part of the Digital Transformation or Be Left Behind!," Silk discusses how security teams need to evolve to deliver the same digital transformation (Dx) value and benefits as other technology and data initiatives within their organizations. Says Silk:

"We are very familiar with having things delivered to us. I am shopping online and having things delivered to me. What if security could be like that where I don't have to go out and find it, but it gets delivered to me through process integration?

When something—some situation, some transaction—warrants security involvement, security will be delivered to me through perhaps an automatic ticket generation that will alert the security team to reach out to me. What if I could track that delivery through collaboration tools, where they're not operating in a black box in security, but they are collaborating with my project team, updating their progress, seeing the progress of the rest of the team, and coordinating that way so they're not an add on but they are integrated into the team itself?"

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