Ransomware incidents increased sharply in 2019 due to organizations' existing security weaknesses and the development of increasingly sophisticated attack mechanisms specifically designed to exploit those weaknesses.

This presentation will examine case studies of how ransomware is evolving, how organizations should prepare and respond to ransomware, and the legal issues surrounding payment of ransom demands, the compromise of sensitive information, and how to recover from an attack.

Presentation level: MANAGERIAL (security and business leaders)

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Daniel Pepper
Partner, BakerHostetler

Dan Pepper is a partner on BakerHostetler's Privacy and Data Protection team. Utilizing 25 years of comprehensive experience in information technology, data privacy, and cybersecurity law, Dan advises clients on proactive data security practices, data breach incident response, and regulatory compliance. He frequently handles security incidents and has interacted with federal and state agencies and forensic service providers, overseen investigations, and designed post-incident response notification and remediation plans.