Join SecureWorld, Gigamon, and partners as we bring you an educational online summit on today's hybrid infrastructure—taking you from complexity to confidence.

This free, half-day event will cover what you and your organization need to know about managing network and cloud security in a hybrid environment. Our industry experts will place special emphasis on cybersecurity best practices and scaling for efficiency and cost savings. Get the playbook, know the playbook, and then execute it for success!

Attendees are eligible to receive 4 CPE credits.



Opening Keynote

12:00 PM EDT / 9:00 AM PDT
Ransomware: Today's Cyber Weapon of Choice

This year, ransomware groups have gone after it all: the fuel supply chain, the meat supply chain, the IT management supply chain. They have also targeted many other organizations. We can no longer think of these as individual cyberattacks. Instead, Col. Leighton says we must think of them as a broader strategy that our digital adversaries use against us. And they are leveraging multiple attack vectors to do so. Join this keynote to look at the actors, the motivations, and the steps both governments and private industry might take to mitigate risk from today's cyber weapon of choice.


Colonel Cedric Leighton
CNN Military Analyst and Cyber Thought Leader
U.S. Air Force (Ret.)


Network Security (Track A)

Breakout Session #1 | 12:45 PM EDT / 9:45 AM PDT
Find and Fix Your Security Blind Spot

With rapid digital transformation, IT teams have been overwhelmed with broader and new attack surfaces. To add to this hurdle, enterprise mobility and shadow IT (or remote workforce) contribute to security blind spots. To have a strong security posture, you need to have a complete view of your network, tools, and the users. Is it possible to mitigate this problem? Yes.

Giri_RadhakrishnanGiri Radhakrishnan
Technical Marketing Engineer


Muhammad_DurraniMuhammad Durrani
Partner, Technology Marketing Engineering

Breakout Session #2 | 1:30 PM EDT / 10:30 AM PDT
Security Starts with Visibility: A 7-Step Implementation Plan

Delivering security in the cyber-physical era. Learn the nature and reason for the need for cloud-to-ground visibility and network control in the hyper-converged IoT world of digital business. We will explore the cause and effect of hyper convergence and some industry examples of how and why cloud-to-ground is used. Finally, leaving you with seven steps to implement a convergence plan in your enterprise.

Jamison_UtterJamison Utter
Sr. Director, Product and Solutions Evangelism
Ordr Inc.



Breakout Session #3 | 2:30 PM EDT / 11:30 AM PDT
Network Detection and Response 101

We've found an active threat in our infrastructure; how many other hosts are infected? That’s an unpleasant but an all too common situation. Join this session to see a real-world scenario on how to detect, investigate and respond to threats using ThreatINSIGHT.

Gene_BergerGene Berger
Sr. Sales Engineer




Cloud Security (Track B)

Breakout Session #1 | 12:45 PM EDT / 9:45 AM PDT
Gain Visibility into the Performance and Security of Your Network with AWS and Gigamon

Having visibility into your network is a foundational item that is needed to help ensure that your network is secure and functional. This is no different for customers who are running workloads on Amazon Web Services. In this session we will provide an overview of how you can gain visibility into your AWS network traffic, leverage Gigamon to help with analytics and management of your traffic, and gain more confidence around the operations and security of your network traffic.

Ananda_RajagopalAnanda Rajagopal
Principal GTM Leader,
EC2 Networking


Breakout Session #2 | 1:30 PM EDT / 10:30 AM PDT
Multi-Cloud and Container Visibility

OpenShift, K8s, Mesh Service... huh? What language is this? In this session, we'll review the not-so-new-but-very-confusing world of software containers that have accelerated digital transformation (DX) and decoupled OS and programing languages, and share how you can maintain consistent, pervasive visibility in a very dynamic environment.

Baseer_BalazadehBaseer Balazadeh
Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer


Breakout Session #3 | 2:30 PM EDT / 11:30 AM PDT
Enabling Zero Trust: Review of an Actual Large-Scale Deployment Reference Architecture

Zero Trust has become a high priority for both government and commercial organizations. Whether you are implementing Zero Trust or planning a ZT-based next-gen security model, learn how Gigamon enables the critical components of a ZT architecture.

Martyn_CrewMartyn Crew
Sr. Director, Product Marketing
& Partner Technologies


Matt_AshtonMatt Ashton
Systems Engineer,
Public Sector, DoD


Closing Keynote

Panel Discussion | 3:15 PM EDT / 12:15 PM PDT

IT and Security management is facing a complex set of challenges with the need to accelerate digital confirmation with flat or declining budget. At the same time, they need to address Return To Office (RTO) and hybrid environments for employees and protect against the continued threat of rising ransomware attacks. Our distinguished panel will discuss challenges of cloud migration including monitoring and security, trends in ransomware attacks and best practices to protect your organizations, and recommendations for the new hybrid work environment.

Bring your questions for this interactive group discussion. 

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speaker photo
Col. Cedric Leighton
CNN Analyst and Cyber Thought Leader, USAF (Ret.)

Founder of a strategic risk consultancy after serving 26 years in the U.S. Air Force, Cedric Leighton oversaw numerous critical intelligence missions throughout his career. He served at U.S. Special Operations Command, the Joint Staff, and the National Security Agency, where he helped train the nation's cyber warriors. A Middle East combat veteran, he is the recipient of numerous military awards, including the Defense Superior Service Medal and the Bronze Star.

Currently, Cedric advises multinational businesses on cyberattacks and the management of complex global strategies to reduce risk and unpredictability.

speaker photo
Ananda Rajagopal
Principal GTM Leader, EC2 Networking, AWS

Ananda is a Go-To-Market leader for networking and network security services at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Ananda is a customer-focused B2B product executive specializing in cloud, cybersecurity and analytics. He enjoys evangelizing the value of cloud services to both C-level and technical audiences in enterprises. Prior to AWS, Ananda held product leadership roles at Gigamon, Brocade, Foundry Networks and other technology companies.

speaker photo
Mandar Alankar
Partner Solutions Architect, AWS

Mandar Alankar is a Partner Solutions Architect at AWS and is a member of the Amazon Partner Network (APN) team that works closely with ISV Networking Partners. He is passionate about network technologies and loves to innovate to help solve complex customer problems. He has 6.5 years of experience at AWS and over a decade's experience in the IT industry. Prior to becoming a Partner Solutions Architect, Mandar was a successful Cloud Support Engineer in the AWS Premium Support team specializing in AWS Networking services such as Amazon VPC, AWS Direct Connect, AWS Transit Gateway, and AWS VPN. He has AWS Solutions Architect Associate and AWS Advanced Networking certifications and holds a Master’s degree in Telecommunications from University of Colorado Boulder. Mandar lives in Seattle and loves travel and outdoor excursions.

speaker photo
Jamison Utter
Sr. Director, Product and Solutions Evangelism, Ordr Inc.

Jamison brings 25+ years of IT/Security experience spanning large organizations like Sprint, SUN Microsystems and Palo Alto Networks where he led the OT/IoT business development unit and startups like Infoblox where he was the security evangelist for many years. His deep desire to understand a customer’s internal and external problem set make him an empathic speaker and his experience in many roles spanning sales, channel, BD, and evangelism make him a capable and competent industry visionary. With hundreds of public speaking engagements including the EU congress at the Hague and a special briefing for Homeland Security and select members of the US Senate, he has addressed CISOs and legislators alike. He lives a thousand feet above Denver, Colorado with his wife Sarah and dog Sookie. Jamison is an avid martial artist, nature enthusiast, and freemason.

speaker photo
Matt Ashton
Systems Engineer, Public Sector, DoD, Gigamon

Matt Ashton is Systems Engineer for Public Sector at Gigamon.  He works with DoD agencies to develop scalable and flexible visibility solutions, enabling optimized security and network/application performance monitoring operations. Matt serves as the Zero Trust liaison for Gigamon’s Public Sector team and is an advocate of maximizing network traffic insights to obtain rich contextual user, application, device and asset information across hybrid cloud environments. 

speaker photo
Baseer Balazadeh
Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer, Gigamon

Baseer Balazadeh has worked in IT management and implementation for more than 15 years. His experiences range from hands-on work on application architectures to development with DevOps best practices to network security and application migration into the public cloud IaaS. He has a bachelor’s degree in computer system networking engineering from Westwood College. Fun facts about Baseer: 1) he has completed several (10+) century bicycle rides, with his favorite being the Ojai Valley Century, 2) he’s traveled to 10 countries, 41 Cites with 200,000 miles flown and 4) he thoroughly enjoys passing on gained knowledge. 


speaker photo
Gene Berger
Sr. Sales Engineer, Gigamon

Gene Berger has worked in the world of security for over two decades. He spent time as part of the 3M security group as a Security Architect and SOC advisor and spun up 3M’s first internal red team. After that, Gene worked for Checkpoint Software as a global security architect for the professional service organization, followed up with a role as a sales engineer for Checkpoint and NETSPI. During this time, he was also an adjunct professor teaching various classes related to all aspects of security, including many Certification tracks from start to finish. He served as a member of the United States Army as part of the North Dakota Army National Guard and Minnesota Army National Guard, achieving the rank of Captain. 

Currently, Gene oversees the ThreatINSIGHT technology customer technical evaluation and POC process. Gene is instrumental in understanding customer technical requirements and addressing those needs with the capabilities of ThreatINSIGHT. Gene is also a key technical advisor to the Gigamon Leadership team. He is responsible for the deployment and delivery of product demonstrations and Proof of Concept from start to finish. Lastly, he is a teacher and advocate of his clients. 

speaker photo
Martyn Crew
Sr. Director, Product Marketing and Partner Technologies, Gigamon

Martyn Crew is Senior Director of Solutions Marketing at Gigamon. In this role, he works with Gigamon customers and partners to understand market needs and ensure that Gigamon presents its solution in a way that is relevant to these markets and customers. Martyn has over 30 years of experience in the enterprise applications, database and infrastructure markets and is an experienced presenter, panelist and writer. 


speaker photo
Muhammad Durrani
Partner, Technology Marketing Engineering, Gigamon

Muhammad Durrani is Technical Marketing Engineer at Gigamon. With 20 years of experience working in data communications for service-provider and enterprise customers, Muhammad has donned various hats, including: technical marketing, systems engineering, customer service, technical lead and technical account management. His domain expertise includes network design, virtualization, routing and switching, network control and access technologies, network security and application security. He works extensively with the field to showcase cutting-edge Gigamon solutions for enterprises, service providers and network equipment vendors. 


speaker photo
Giri Radhakrishnan
Technical Marketing Engineer, Gigamon

Giri has over 10 years of experience in networking and security products. Prior to joining Gigamon as a Technical Marketing Engineer, he had worked in the Security Business Group at Cisco.  At Gigamon, Giri is responsible for competitive analysis and technical enablement for GigaVUE solutions. He has a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from UIC and a Bachelor’s degree from India. 

speaker photo
Bruce Sussman
Director of Media & Content, Podcast Host, SecureWorld

Emmy-winning journalist Bruce Sussman spent more than 20 years on TV screens in Portland, Oregon. During his "second career," he became fascinated by cybersecurity while working with CISOs at Gartner. He joined SecureWorld in 2017 to help grow its media division. Currently, he hosts the Remote Sessions daily web conference series and SecureWorld podcast published each Tuesday, and oversees news content for Sussman graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism back in the dark ages. Message him on LinkedIn if you'd like to connect!