The end of 2020 presents unique challenges for end-users and for security awareness program administrators. More than ever, people will be shopping online, receiving a barrage of election-related communications, and planning for an unconventional holiday season. In this web conference, we'll talk about best practices for preparing end-users for this holiday season and social engineering scams they may encounter at work or at home.

Here are some of the areas our panel will focus on:

•  Highlighting threat trends and how they impact users
•  Best practices for engaging users and driving behavior change
•  Empowering end-users to become part of your team and reduce exposure
•  Planning ahead for the next potential tactic attackers may leverage

Register today and join us for this engaging panel discussion.

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Alexandra Panaretos
Americas Secure Culture Activation Leader, EY
Alexandra Panaretos, CSAP, SSAP is the Americas Cybersecurity Lead for Security Culture Activation for Ernst &Young LLP. Utilizing her unique background in broadcast journalism and operations security, she specializes in cybersecurity education, data privacy, open source intelligence, social engineering, insider threats, and behavior analytics.  Alex works with executive teams across the globe to reduce their risk via the human element of cybersecurity. Alex has over 11 years of experience developing and implementing cybersecurity awareness and education strategies, organizational change, and risk and governance policies. She was commended by U.S. Military General Officers on her efforts to highlight the often-over-looked small details that are pertinent to a mature cybersecurity awareness program and is OPSEC Level II Certified by the Joint Information Operations Warfare Center (JIWOC) and the U.S. Army.
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John Grim
Head | Research, Development & Innovation, Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center

John has over 17 years of experience investigating, and leading teams investigating, data breaches and cybersecurity incidents within the government and civilian security sectors. Currently, John heads the Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center (VTRAC) research, development, and innovation effort. In this role, he focuses on researching cybersecurity incidents, performing digital forensic examinations, advising on data breach containment and eradication efforts, and creating data breach response preparedness training and breach simulation exercises for customers worldwide. Prior to joining Verizon, John served 12 years with the U.S. Army investigating security-related incidents with eight years specifically focused on network intrusion investigations and forensic examinations.

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Mike Bailey
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, ProofPoint

Mike has worked in the B2B software technology sector for over eight years and has been with Proofpoint for six years. When he joined Wombat in 2014 as the lone Digital Marketer, he worked to successfully drive Wombat’s growth as a market leader in the space before the Proofpoint acquisition. Prior to Wombat, Mike worked at several early-stage technology startups in marketing roles. Mike has a bachelor’s degree in Business Communications from the University of Pittsburgh. 

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Rebecca Rakoski
Co-Founder and Managing Partner, XPAN Law Group, LLC

Rebecca L. Rakoski, Esquire is the co-founder and managing partner at XPAN Law Group, a boutique international and domestic cybersecurity and data privacy law firm. Rebecca counsels and defends public and private corporations, and their boards, during data breaches and responds to state/federal regulatory compliance and enforcement actions. She advises her clients on a proactive, multi jurisdictional approach to identify and address data privacy and cybersecurity compliance gaps and potential liabilities.