Listen in as CISOs across industry discuss the key ingredients for your security framework. Best practices for security include:

#1 Visibility
You can't protect what you can't see. Awareness of any device, anywhere on the network. Determine degree of trust and continuously monitor behavior to maintain level of trust.

#2 Control
Enforcing security across the network. Dependent on each system and subsystem doing its job and only its job.

#3 Awareness
Actionable intelligence built on continuous analysis. Continuous analysis of behaviors: learning what, where, when, who, and how—leading to actionable intelligence about known and unknown threats.

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Courtney Radke
National Retail CISO, Fortinet

Courtney spent over 10 years leading retail technology strategy and securing distributed networks at multiple retail and restaurant organizations across North America. As the CISO for Retail at Fortinet, Courtney uses his skills and experience as a former retail customer and technology leader to provide real-world solutions for customers and partners in the retail vertical.

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Rick Peters
CISO, Operational Technology North America, Fortinet

Rick brings the Fortinet OT-CI team more than 37 years of cybersecurity and global partnering experience working across foreign, domestic, and commercial industry sectors at the National Security Agency (NSA). As Fortinet’s Operational Technology North American CISO, he delivers cybersecurity defense solutions and insights for the OT/ICS/SCADA critical infrastructure environments. Prior to Fortinet, Rick led development of cyber capability across Endpoint, Infrastructure, and Industrial Control System technologies at the agency. Previously, Rick also served as an executive leader supporting the Information Assurance Directorate at the NSA. Earlier in his career, he served in a broad range of leadership and Engineering roles including Chief of Staff for the NSA Cyber Task Force and a 5-year forward liaison charged with directing integration of cyber and cryptologic solutions for U.S. Air Force Europe, Ramstein AFB, Germany.

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Troy Ament
Field CISO for Healthcare, Fortinet

Troy Ament brings more than 20 years of experience to Fortinet transforming information technology and security programs, with 14 years in the healthcare sector as an executive overseeing clinical technology implementations and serving as the Chief Information Security Officer at two of the largest integrated health delivery systems in the United States.

Before joining Fortinet, Troy held the positions of Chief Information Security Officer at Beaumont Health and Director, Chief Information Security Officer at Sanford Health where he had oversight of the Security Technology, Security Operations, Identity and Access Management, and Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) Teams.

Troy has been instrumental in forming multiple healthcare cyber security boards that focus on the medical device and IoT security and national healthcare cyber security task forces and engaging the education sector to produce more healthcare cyber security graduates and professionals. Troy has extensive public speaking experience at multiple national and regional conferences, speaking to members of congress, senate, and government agencies educating and advocating for healthcare cyber security. He holds degrees in computer information systems from the University of Mary and North Dakota State College of Science.