As organizations race to adopt Microsoft Copilot to enhance productivity and streamline operations, ensuring a secure and seamless deployment is a must. Join us as we delve into strategies to ensure a smooth and secure rollout of Microsoft Copilot, from pre-deployment through to adoption.

This webcast will guide IT professionals through critical pre-deployment steps to reduce the threat surface, ensuring a robust security posture from the outset. Learn how to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities, configure secure settings, and establish a comprehensive security framework tailored to your organization's unique needs.

Post-deployment, the focus shifts to continuous monitoring and threat detection. We'll go through the analytics and real-time alerting you're going to need to help you track user behavior, detect anomalies, and respond to potential security incidents swiftly. Our experts will demonstrate best practices for maintaining an ongoing secure environment, protecting sensitive data and ensuring compliance.

Join us for an engaging session filled with practical insights, real-world examples, and expert advice on harnessing the full potential of Microsoft Copilot while safeguarding your organization against evolving cyber threats. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your deployment strategy and fortify your security measures!

Be sure to submit your questions for our presenter in the box when you register. Attendees are eligible to receive 1 CPE credit.

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Tom Bechtold
Digital Event Director, SecureWorld

Tom has been part of the SecureWorld team for over 14 years. He has launched several of the regional conferences we hold today. Tom is currently responsible for SecureWorld Digital, which provides educational content to the SecureWorld audience. He produces, executes, and moderates the majority of the Remote Sessions webcasts while also working closely with the SecureWorld event directors to build relevant agendas at the regional conferences.