Secrets including API tokens, passwords, and other infrastructure credentials are the keys to your systems. Yet storing secrets inside Git repositories happens more often than security teams would like. Many organizations have tried to solve this issue by investing in centralized secrets management solutions and policies, but the detection component has been overlooked and exposure remains.

In this session, you will learn how a solid automated detection solution can help you secure your organization by reducing your level of exposure to secrets sprawl, empowering both your development and security teams to identify these policy breaks in real-time and drastically facilitating their remediation efforts.

Attendees are eligible to receive 1 CPE credit.

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Mackenzie Jackson
Developer Advocate, GitGuardian

Mackenzie is a developer advocate with a passion for DevOps and cyber-security. As the co-founder and former CTO of health tech startup Conpago, he understands how critical it is to build secure applications with robust developer operations.

As the Developer Advocate at GitGuardian, Mackenzie is able to share his passion for code security by educating developers and working closely with research teams to expose the issue of Secrets Sprawl.

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Tom Bechtold
Digital Events Director, SecureWorld