We are excited to bring you a new webcast series in partnership with the team at Abnormal Security. This three-part series will get you up to speed on Generative AI, the crimes profiting from it, and how CISOs and security leaders can use it effectively. No marketing jargon in these sessions!

Part 1 - Exploring the Cybercrime Underworld: A Deep Dive into FraudGPT

Live session on March 21, 2024, at 1:00 p.m. ET

Generative AI is everywhere - it even helped us write this webinar abstract. But while it can be used to make us more productive, the same can be said for threat actors. So how are the cybercriminals using AI to create better, more sophisticated attacks at higher volumes than ever? Join this webinar for a look into FraudGPT from the threat researcher who uncovered it where we'll dive into what the platform is, how it works, and why it's a game-changer for cybercrime.

Part 2 - Beyond Marking Jargon: A Technical Dive into AI for Cybersecurity

Live session on April 4, 2024, at 1:00 p.m. ET

AI-powered. AI-based. AI-native... The word “AI” is everywhere, on every cybersecurity website you’ve seen in the last year. But what does that actually mean, and how do you know what is real? In this webinar, we’ll chat with machine learning experts and academics, who will explain the difference between real AI and marketing hype, including the questions you need to ask your vendors to determine the difference.

Part 3 - Implementing AI Today: CISO Panel on Using AI for Cybersecurity

Live session on April 18, 2024, at 1:00 p.m. ET

With AI everywhere, including the security stack, it’s hard to know what is real. What should you focus on now, and how does AI play a role in your security strategy in 2024 and beyond? Join this panel of CISOs to hear their perspectives on how they’re implementing AI now, what they expect to focus on in the future, and why you need to consider the impact of AI on your organization today.

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speaker photo
Graham Cluley
Security Analyst & Host of Smashing Security

Graham Cluley is an award-winning independent security blogger, researcher, podcaster, and public speaker. He has been a well-known figure in the computer security industry since the early 1990s when he worked as a programmer, writing the first-ever version of Dr Solomon's Anti-Virus Toolkit for Windows. Since then, he has been employed in senior roles by cybersecurity companies including Sophos and McAfee.

Cluley has given talks about cybersecurity for some of the world's largest companies, worked with law enforcement agencies on investigations into hacking groups, and regularly appears on TV and radio explaining computer security threats. He can be heard each week on the award-winning Smashing Security podcast.

speaker photo
Sherri Leach
Deputy CISO, Ingersoll Rand

Sherri Leach is a proven tactical and strategic innovator, harnessing over 27 years of technical leadership experience across multiple fields within cybersecurity. She is currently the Deputy CISO at Ingersoll Rand, and has previously served in operations and engineering roles at Trane Technologies, MITRE, and ManTech.

Her skills have been applied across both public and private industry, including Fortune 500 companies, the US Intelligence Community, and the United States Federal Government.  Sherri holds an MS in Information Systems and certifications from SANS Technology Institute.

speaker photo
James Mackay
Interim CISO, Markel

James Mackay is currently the Interim CISO at Markel, where he has worked for the last 13 years. Throughout his tenure, James has held a range of positions, including as Head of Security for Markel International, Markel UK Data Protection Officer, and Deputy CISO. He has also held security positions at Simmons & Simmons and Advance Seven.

James has undertaken a range of professional qualifications and currently holds the CISSP accreditation. In his role, he represents Markel externally as an active member of the Lloyd’s Market Association CISO Committee and chairs the Lloyd’s/Velonetic Cybersecurity Panel. 

speaker photo
Ethan Steiger
CISO, Advance Auto Parts

Ethan Steiger, Chief Information Security Officer at Advance Auto Parts, has 25 years of experience in establishing esteemed information security programs for high-profile companies, including Domino’s, IHS Markit (now S&P Global), Covisint (now OpenText), IBM, and Bear Stearns. His success lies in effectively implementing comprehensive security measures encompassing governance, compliance, privacy, and risk management.

A committed leader, Ethan has a notable track record in deploying innovative technologies to secure corporate networks, endpoints, and data and demonstrates a profound dedication to advancing the security posture of every organization he serves.

speaker photo
Dan Shiebler
Head of Machine Learning, Abnormal Security

Dan Shiebler is the Head of Machine Learning at Abnormal, responsible for leading a team of 40+ detection and ML engineers in building the data processing and ML layers in Abnormal’s platform. Prior to Abnormal, Dan worked at Twitter, first as a staff machine learning engineer in Cortex and later as the manager of the web ads machine learning team.

Before Twitter, Dan worked as a senior data scientist at Truemotion, where he developed smartphone sensor algorithms to price car insurance. He has a Ph.D. in machine learning from the University of Oxford.

speaker photo
Luca Belli
Founder of Sator Labs, UC Berkeley Tech Policy Fellow

Luca Belli is the founder of Sator Labs, a UC Berkeley Tech Policy Fellow, and a Visiting NIST AI Fellow. At NIST he co-leads the Red Team effort for the Generative AI public working group and thinks about socio-technical evaluations for recommender systems. His research interests lie at the intersection of feedback loops, algorithmic amplification, and algorithmic audits.

Previously, Luca was co-founder and Research Lead for Twitter's Machine Learning Ethics, Transparency and Accountability (META) team, implementing industry-leading approaches for responsible ML practices and product development. He has also worked as a Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer at Conversant and WolframAlpha. 

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Mick Leach
Field CISO, Abnormal Security

Mick Leach is Field CISO of Abnormal Security, where he is responsible for threat hunting and analysis, customer engagement, and speaking at global industry conferences. Previously, he led security operations organizations at Abnormal, Alliance Data, and Nationwide Insurance, and also spent more than 8 years serving in the US Army’s famed Cavalry Regiments.

A passionate information security practitioner, Mick holds 7 SANS/GIAC certifications, coupled with 20+ years of experience in the IT and security industries.

speaker photo
Rakesh Krishnan
Sr. Threat Analyst, Netenrich

Rakesh Krishnan is a Senior Threat Analyst at Netenrich, working predominantly on the dark web for 10+ years. Some of his major achievements include the discovery of FraudGPT and the Tata Power data breach. Rakesh also has expertise in uncovering money laundering activities on blockchain. He has been featured in Forbes and WIRED.