The cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving, posing a significant challenge to organizations worldwide. The rise of various threat actors and their ever-changing tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) have made it increasingly difficult to safeguard sensitive information.

Join us for this webcast with Proofpoint as we address these challenges head-on. We will explore the resurgence of specific malware and discuss the recent changes in the threat landscape. Organizations must be equipped with the necessary knowledge and strategies to navigate this complex environment and effectively counter these threats.

By attending this session, you can expect to:

•  Gain insights into the latest trends in the cybersecurity threat landscape
•  Understand the activities and impact of various threat actors
•  Equip yourself with strategies to navigate and counter these threats effectively

Attendees are eligible to receive 1 CPE credit.

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Sarah Sabotka
Sr. Threat Researcher, Proofpoint

Sarah Sabotka is a Senior Threat Researcher on the Threat Research Team at Proofpoint where she focuses on malware analysis, social engineering research, and presenting the threat landscape. Sarah had her start by doing OSINT collection, case development, and law enforcement collaboration to support animal cruelty investigations for an international animal welfare organization. Prior to joining Proofpoint, Sarah led the Global Cyber Threat Intelligence team at Experian, where she was also responsible for leading brand monitoring, threat hunting, vulnerability intelligence, and ad-hoc incident response activities; before that she was a Senior Threat Analyst at Goldman Sachs. Sarah earned her B.A. in English from the University of Connecticut (Storrs), and her M.S. in Cybersecurity from Utica College. She resides in southern New Hampshire where she runs a 501(c)3 animal rescue and sanctuary with her husband, home to several rescue dogs, chickens, and fish.

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Laura Hamel
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Proofpoint

Laura Hamel is a senior cybersecurity product marketer focused on Proofpoint Threat Protection. Before joining Proofpoint, Laura held positions at Optiv, HackerOne, and Red Canary, where she honed her expertise in marketing innovative cybersecurity solutions. Throughout her career, she has led the launches of innovative solutions tailored to meet evolving customer needs. With a keen understanding of market dynamics and emerging trends, Laura collaborates with multiple functions in the organization to develop products that help protect businesses from cyber threats. Laura is passionate about leveraging her expertise to help companies navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape and achieve their business objectives.

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Tom Bechtold
Digital Events Director, SecureWorld
Tom has been part of the SecureWorld team for over 14 years. He has launched several of the regional conferences we hold today. Tom is currently responsible for SecureWorld Digital, which provides educational content to the SecureWorld audience. He produces, executes, and moderates the majority of the Remote Sessions webcasts while also working closely with the SecureWorld event directors to build relevant agendas at the regional conferences.