The recent surge of ransomware attacks has shown a shift in tactics employed by threat actors looking to extort organizations. Their methodology has changed from a quick, opportunistic attack to a prolonged and targeted approach. While this shift presents threat groups with the opportunity to encrypt more critical data, it also presents security teams with the opportunity to detect activity before data is encrypted.

Join this webinar to explore how ransomware loitering allows security analysts to use network visibility, detection, and response to discover malicious activity between initial compromise and encryption. Our experts will cover:

• How threat actors rely on your network, and how you can use network visibility to your advantage

• The importance of inspecting encrypted traffic, the challenges of doing so, and the NSA's guidelines on addressing those challenges

• How a new and innovative approach to network detection and response is transforming the SOC (Security Operations Center)

Attendees are eligible to receive 1 CPE credit.

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Bassam Khan
VP of Product and Technical Marketing Engineering, Gigamon

Bassam Khan is responsible for positioning and promoting company products and solutions, and corporate and go-to-market strategy. He brings 20 years of experience managing products for security, cloud and collaboration technology companies. Prior to Gigamon, he held executive positions at ControlUp, AppSense, PostPath, Cloudmark, and Portal Software. Bassam holds degrees from Carnegie Mellon University and Boston University.

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Larry Hammond
Senior Sales Engineer, Gigamon
Larry Hammond has been in the cyber security industry for over 15 years. He worked in corporate security teams to consultant roles focused on network and application security testing. The last 6 years have been focused on helping SOCs gain visibility with Network Detection and Response tools. Helping customers understand their risk while providing ways to help mitigate those risks has allowed for a rewarding career.
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Bruce Sussman
Director of Content, SecureWorld

Emmy-winning journalist Bruce Sussman spent more than 20 years on TV screens in Portland, Oregon. During his "second career," he became fascinated by cybersecurity while working with CISOs at Gartner. He joined SecureWorld in 2017 to help grow its media division. Currently, he hosts the Remote Sessions daily web conference series and SecureWorld podcast published each Tuesday, and oversees news content for Sussman graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism back in the dark ages. Message him on LinkedIn if you'd like to connect!