Mon | Dec 12, 2022 | 3:59 PM PST

Google recently announced that passkey support is now available for Chrome users on Windows 11, macOS, and Android. 

Passkeys are the next step above traditional passwords, offering users a more convenient way to secure their online accounts. They are generated using advanced cryptographic algorithms and are unique to each user, making it difficult for threat actors to hack, even if they have access to a user's device.

In addition to providing increased security and convenience, passkeys also make it easier for users to manage their online accounts. With a passkey manager, users can easily generate and manage multiple passkeys for different accounts, and can even revoke access to individual passkeys if necessary.

Back in May 2022, Apple, Google, and Microsoft announced plans to support a common passwordless sign-in standard created by the Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium. This laid the groundwork for organizations to implement passkeys in their platforms.

PayPal recently announced it would add passkey support for Apple products, and now Google has added it for Chrome.

According to a blog post written by Ali Sarraf, a product manager with Chrome, here is how passkeys will work with Chrome:

"On Android your passkeys will be securely synced through Google Password Manager or, in future versions of Android, any other password manager that supports passkeys."

"Once you have a passkey saved on your device it can show up in autofill when you're signing in to help you be more secure."

"On a desktop device you can also choose to use a passkey from your nearby mobile device and, since passkeys are built on industry standards, you can use either an Android or iOS device."

"A passkey doesn't leave your mobile device when signing in like this. Only a securely generated code is exchanged with the site so, unlike a password, there's nothing that could be leaked.

To give you control over your passkeys, from Chrome M108 you will be able to manage your passkeys from within Chrome on Windows and macOS."

While organizations around the world are still working on developing passkey technology that will ultimately save us all a tremendous amount of time when it comes to password management, Google introducing the technology to Chrome is a welcome sight.

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