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By SecureWorld News Team
Fri | Oct 22, 2021 | 5:15 AM PDT

This is the year that cybersecurity and cybercrime really hit home on Mainstreet.

More attacks, more real-world impacts, and more headlines.

And now CISOs and security teams are getting some surprise mainstream exposure from comedians as they turn cyber headlines into security punchlines.

We've heard from speakers at SecureWorld conferences that this attention provides a discussion point. It is helping raise greater security and cyber risk awareness within organizations and everyone from end-users to board members.

However, it's also providing some free laughs, courtesy of late night TV. This includes the opening monologues of Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon.

Here are two recent, and very funny, examples.

Jimmy Fallon jokes about White House cybersecurity summit

Did you hear about the recent White House summit on ransomware that included dozens of countries?

To those involved, it was serious business. The White House summed it up like this:

"This event over the next two days is exhibit A of how we're working with international partners to disrupt ransomware networks, to improve partner capacity for detecting and responding to such activity within their own borders, including imposing consequences on the perpetrators, and holding accountable states that allow criminals to operate from within their jurisdictions."

But Jimmy Fallon had his own hilarious take on the meeting:

"Some news from Washington today. The White House hosted a summit with 30 other countries to discuss ways to crack down on hacking and cyber attacks. It was very productive. Every country agreed to fight hacking by adding an exclamation point to all their passwords! 1-2-3-4-5-6-7!"

And Fallon continued on, focused on the fact that Russia was missing:

"That's right, the White House hosted 30 countries to talk about cybercrime. But Russia wasn't invited. I mean, I'm sure they were there. They just weren't invited!"

Then he joked about Russia's President Putin:

"I don't think Russia would have stayed anyway. As soon as Putin walked in he'd be like, is this intervention? No way—no, I'm not gonna stop hacking. It's not a problem for me. I only hack when I'm drinking."

Watch this bit for yourself:

And that's not the only string of recent cybersecurity punchlines by Fallon. 

Jimmy Fallon jokes about Microsoft move to go passwordless

Our SecureWorld News team recently reported on how Microsoft customers could go passwordless to access their accounts. Finally, no more forgotten passwords. Read more about it in our coverage: Pass on Passwords: Has the Death of the Password Arrived?

The concept of passwordless authentication may not be as simple as it sounds if Jimmy Fallon is right. He had his own take which poked fun at the Microsoft plan with a hilarious bit. Watch it here:

The cybersecurity community jokes about its situation

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